Budtender / Customer Experience Specialist


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Treestar is a recreational/medical cannabis dispensary with a primary focus on tailoring a highly positive and memorable cannabis experience for each customer.

We're looking to hire people who are equally as passionate about cannabis as they are about connecting with people. We hold our budtenders to high standards as their job is arguably the most important one to do right in a dispensary. People purchase cannabis for a myriad of reasons; every transaction should be personalized and inclusive. To do this, we expect our budtenders to be knowledgeable about all of the products we sell and be able to speak to each products benefits. With our guidance, training and performance management, we'll make an amazing team– working hard every day to normalize cannabis. 


send your resume and cover letter to sales@treestarfarms.com


job description

Position Type: Full-Time/Entry Level

Job Location: Woodburn, OR



Job Duties and Responsibilities*:

-       Facilitate an excellent customer experience with a positive, helpful, and professional attitude toward customers at all times

-       Continuously and actively build business and product knowledge base

-       Educate the customer and fulfill their product needs

-       Operate Point of Sale system to handle transactions with the customer

-       Maintain cleanliness and visual standards within the store

-       Restock and merchandise product

*Depending on applicants skill sets, the role could involve other projects with our marketing and sales team.


Minimum Requirements and Qualifications:

-       Age 21 or older

-       2+ years of Customer Service/Retail Experience and/or sales

-       2+ years of Cash Handling Experience

-       OLCC Marijuana Worker’s Permit obtained before first day of work

-       OHA Food Handler’s Card obtained before first day of work

-       Ability to maintain reliable transportation

-       Ability to lift boxes 20+ lbs.

-       Willingness and eagerness to learn about all things cannabis

-       Moderate to advanced computer skills and ability to learn quickly

-       Ability to exercise timeliness and adherence to schedule provided

-       Ability to work well in a team environment

-       Outstanding communication skills